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Jerry Seidenwurm of Las Cruces, NM

About Jerry Seidenwurm (Jerry's biography):

 Jerry Seidenwurm has not added a description to his public profile or has not yet created one.  If you are Jerry Seidenwurm of Las Cruces New Mexico, click here to create a MAEGIC member account and claim your profile.  If you know Jerry Seidenwurm, please let his know how he can help protect his identity and contribute to economic stability by claiming his profile via MAEGIC!

Jerry Seidenwurm's activity:

Jerry Seidenwurm has no activity. If you happen to know Jerry, please be sure to let them know about his profile here so he can take control of his identity.

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Discover your community, read some reviews of Las Cruces, NM area entities:

7/13/2014, B M.'s review of International Delights Cafe in Las Cruces (3/10):
"The only thing that saves this from being one star is the fact that the food tastes pretty good. But for 750 I got this tiny ass little pita that's supposed to be a chicken shwarma wrap. Maybe it's…"

10/5/2013, John G.'s review of Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces in Las Cruces (3/10):
"Well, this is going to be a mixed review, wavered between going with two or three stars, but opted for two since the one bad experience we had while there might stop us from ever returning to this…"

4/30/2014, Christine O.'s review of Rent A Wheel in Las Cruces (10/10):
"They treated ua really great with a lot of respect and care about how their customers leave. I recommend this place."

12/30/2013, Eric M.'s review of Bradley D. and William B. Restaurant in Las Cruces (10/10):
"The food was excellent. I had the watermelon salad with grilled chicken which was very delicious. My family had burgers for lunch which they all enjoyed very much. The dessert was amazing-pineapple…"